About CommunityCast


CommunityCast.tv was born out of the realization that some of the best community content and knowledge does not happen on stage, but in the side, one-off conversations that we were having all of the time. With the event organizers, attendees and the presenters. Our goal is to bring the “behind the scenes” of the community to the front and center. Some of the most amazing people do a ton and never get noticed. We would like to notice them.

Those of you that are familiar with Microsoft’s Channel 9 will know that the format is rough and mostly unedited. Channel 9 does a great job of bringing the rest of the world to Redmond. We want to bring the rest of the world everywhere else.


CommunityCast.tv started as a conversation between Ron Cundiff (a Microsoft Developer Evangelist) and Caleb Jenkins (at the time a Microsoft Developer Evangelist) that went something like this:

Ron: Caleb, you know what we need to do? We should do a monthly pod cast where we talk about upcomming events.

Caleb:  That’s a cool idea {thinking: “we would sit there, open up our calendars and talk about the next month? boring!… but I like where this is going… let’s flush this out a little”}

Caleb: OK, what if we kept that as part of it, but in addition to that we highlighted a different developer user group each month. We could visit them, interview the leaders, attendees, speakers… you know go to a pub club and pass the microphone around the table {everyone know that there’s very few things as entertaining as a drunk developer with a microphone}, but we could keep the whole… “Up coming events” as a part of it.?

Ron: Ok, that would be cool.

Caleb: Oooh! What if we took video cameras and made it sort of a Channel 9 local!?

Ron: I like that!

The next day Caleb left Microsoft (as in, he doesn’t work there anymore – for completely unrelated reasons), then met with Media Mogul and Pod Casting/Marketing Genius Giovanni Galluci. The rest is *almost* history…  We (Giovanni and Caleb) decided on the name, and registered the URL about an hour before we filmed our first set of interviews.

Then I (Caleb) went to a ton of other events… with film running. We still didn’t have a site, a logo, and intro video.. nothing. But we were getting a lot of content!

Around this time we formed the Non-Profit Corporation Community Connect Corporation (Official name is still pending as of 3/29/2007) that owns and operates CommunityCast.tv and help organize, promote and fund technology community events with .NET User Groups, BarCamps, Technology Summits, Refresh Groups, DevCons, Microsoft, INETA, CodeCamps, the list goes on… and hopefully, so will we!

! Launch !

We decided that there would be so many great interviews at the 2007 Microsoft MVP Summit that we would make that our “launch event”.

None of this would have been possible without our great “Launch Sponsors”. These people are especially dear to our hearts because they were willing to invest in an idea that we had before we had anything to show for it. They were willing to trust us – step out on faith – and investing today, to make CommunityCast.tv the amazing success that we are sure it will be tomorrow!

CommunityCast.tv is in no way affiliated with Microsoft, Channel 9 or any other corporate entities. All copyrighted and trademark names are the properties of their respective owners.

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