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Episode 11 – We Are Microsoft Charity Challenge – Hope Mongers

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The “We are Microsoft Charity Challenge” is a 3-day event that matches developers with charities to develop applications for those charities. We were able to catch up with one of the charities, “Hope Mongers” and the developers that were paired with them. Jason Townsend runs the .NET User Group in Bartlesville, OK and drove down with several of the people that he knows and works with to donate their time and talent for this event. Check it out!

I noticed that the new Hope Mongers site is still coming together. While we’re waiting for it’s completion, be sure to check out the Red Letters Campaign group as well.

We are Microsoft is a part of the Give Camp efforts. I was really impressed by all of the volunteers, organization, and the coordination that they had going on between the developers and the groups that were being helped. Awesome!

GiveCamp WAM_Logo HM_newlogo_head red_letters_logo3

Episode 10 – What does Agile mean to you?

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After the Tulsa TechFest this year we went around and asked several attendees and speakers what Agile Development was to them… then we asked some of the non-attendees that happened to be in the area. Here are some of the responses. Sign up now for the AgileDotNet Conference 2008 at

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Episode 9 – Jef Newsom – Closing Keynote @ TulsaTechFest 2008

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The closing keynote by Jef Newsom (of Improving Enterprises in Dallas) was definitely one of the highlights of this years Tulsa Tech Fest. Jef is one of the founders of Improving Enterprises, a Microsoft MVP, an Microsoft Certified Architect and an all around nice guy (*plus like crazy smart). Watching this is yet another reason that I’m (calebjenkins) glad that I work at Improving too.

Normally CommunityCast wouldn’t post a session like this. (We try to grab the moments around the event…rather than presentations at the event itself). That being said, this was one of the best closing keynotes that we’ve ever seen. So, for your viewing pleasure… here are about 3 minutes of the 1 hour presentation.

Episode 8 – Silverlight on Linux … without the Browser

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Dallas TechFest 2008. We caught up with Joseph Hill so that he could show us the the Mono’s team version of Microsoft Silverlight (called Moonlight). Joseph works for Novell as the product manager for the Mono Project. Mono is the open source, cross platform version of .NET. Moonlight is the open source implementation of Silverlight. Here, he’s showing us how the Mono team implemented Moonlight as a sub-set of the full Mono install… so that if you install the full Mono package, you have the ability to open (mopen) Silverlight XAML file directly, without running in the browser.

DTFlogo_SM mono_logo

Episode 7 – TulsaTechFest wrap up with Buddy Lindsey

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After the TulsaTechFest, Buddy Lindsey and I hit the streets where he explained some of the things that he learned at the event, like Silverlight, and decoupling applications with .net interfaces and a certain provider factory. There were over 1,000 people at the TulsaTechFest this year! (both days combined) and it was a blast! So many great speakers and sessions. Can’t wait till next year! (It’s rumored that next year’s Tulsa Tech Fest will be 3 days long – rawk!)

Oh yeah… Giovanni was there with his camera.


Episode 6 – Jason Alexander shows off “Graffiti” the new CMS from Telligent

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About 2 weeks before Telligent publicly announced Graffiti, we cough up with their CTO at the North Dallas .NET Users Group. Jason was very kind and showed us some of the (very) early bits. Enjoy!!