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Episode 10 – What does Agile mean to you?

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After the Tulsa TechFest this year we went around and asked several attendees and speakers what Agile Development was to them… then we asked some of the non-attendees that happened to be in the area. Here are some of the responses. Sign up now for the AgileDotNet Conference 2008 at

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Episode 9 – Jef Newsom – Closing Keynote @ TulsaTechFest 2008

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The closing keynote by Jef Newsom (of Improving Enterprises in Dallas) was definitely one of the highlights of this years Tulsa Tech Fest. Jef is one of the founders of Improving Enterprises, a Microsoft MVP, an Microsoft Certified Architect and an all around nice guy (*plus like crazy smart). Watching this is yet another reason that I’m (calebjenkins) glad that I work at Improving too.

Normally CommunityCast wouldn’t post a session like this. (We try to grab the moments around the event…rather than presentations at the event itself). That being said, this was one of the best closing keynotes that we’ve ever seen. So, for your viewing pleasure… here are about 3 minutes of the 1 hour presentation.

Episode 1 – MVP 2007 Summit

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This is the first of many CommunityCast videos! Mostly we are going to focus on interviews with different individuals, but I think that we’ll try and do an overview video (like this one) for most events to kick off the set of interviews.

The Microsoft MVP Global Summit is an invite only event where people come from all over the world to spend a week with the Microsoft product teams in Redmond, provide direct feedback and learn about the future plans of the Microsoft

See how many people you recognize, plus please give some feedback… we really want to know what you like about the CommunityCast video (and what should be improved)!


Special thanks to Improving Enterprises for sponsoring this video… and to the rest of our launch sponsors!